We are a modern and innovative company, whose main activity is the design and construction of tools, instruments, machines and new parts and details for engineering, technology and industry. Our activity includes also technology planning.  

In mutual contacts it is reliability that is significant. Through the given presentation we would like to introduce to you the offer of our agency and present our design capacity.

Since 2000 we have continually provided design and construction services, as well as knowledge and production contacts. We can be proud of the successful projects and gained experience, which is systematically enriched. To create our further technological documentations we use not only our practical achievements but also the newest technological knowledge e.g. in choosing new materials, anticorrosive covers, etc. and the instruments enabling 3D modeling. We gain the knowledge regularly from fair attendance, professional literature, and publications as well as, more and more often, the Internet. 


We specialize in projects, constructions and technology for below mentioned branches of engineering, technology and industry:  

     Precision engineering

projects: cylindrical reducers, conical reducers, screw jack, measuring instruments, measures, etc.

     Tool engineering

projects: drilling instruments, templates, lathe arbors, turning tools, profile cutter, instruments for fixing details to a milling machine, multi-instrumental frames, etc.   

     Forging industry

projects: drop forgings for automotive and machine industry, dies for hot forging, dies for hot and cold calibration, trimming tools, tool that trim, bore and calibrate forgings at the same time, die holders (bolster) for press and hammers, universal die holders, etc.   

     Materials handling

projects: chain transporter with tension control for hot batch transport.   

     Plastics processing

projects: cold and hot-canal injection molds, calibrators and mouthpieces for extruding machines, thermo molding machine molds, plastic details projects, injection process control, etc.

     Press-forming industry

projects: stamping dies, blanking tools, etc.  

     Welding instruments

projects: welding instruments for machine bodies, devices, subassemblies, etc.  

     Springs and elastic elements

projects: pressure springs with polished and unpolished heads, conical springs, pull springs, torsional springs, forming springs, clamps, etc.

     Plastic cabins

projects: cabins for paint and powdercoating, booths, etc. 


projects: advertising stands, advertising coffers, block inscriptions, gadgets, etc. 

     CNC metalworking programming

for machining centers, spark-erosion machine, etc.